Italy Urges ECOWAS To Extend Niger Ultimatum

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In an effort to mediate the political crisis in Niger, Italy has made a fervent appeal to the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to prolong the timeframe for the reinstallation of the deposed President Mohammed Bazoum.

Italy Urges ECOWAS To Extend Niger Ultimatum
Antonio Tajani

Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani expressed this counsel during an interview on Monday.

Tensions have been high since the military coup that took place on July 26th, leading to the detention of President Bazoum and subsequent demand from ECOWAS for his immediate reinstatement. However, coup leaders have failed to meet the deadline set by the regional organization, raising concerns about potential military intervention.

In his statement, Minister Tajani emphasized the importance of pursuing a diplomatic resolution to the crisis. “The only way is the diplomatic one. I hope that the ultimatum of the Economic Community of West African States, which expired last night at midnight, will be extended today,” he asserted.

As a response to the escalating situation, Niger took a significant step by temporarily shutting down its airspace starting Sunday. This move was aimed at preventing any external military intervention from the West African regional group and safeguarding the nation’s sovereignty.

Amid the ongoing tensions, Niamey, the capital of Niger, witnessed a notable gathering of junta supporters at a stadium. They publicly expressed their approval of the decision to resist external demands for the coup leaders to step down by Sunday. The show of solidarity highlighted the junta’s resolve to maintain control and retain power.

The situation in Niger remains tense and uncertain, with international attention focused on the actions of ECOWAS in response to Italy’s call for an extension of the deadline for President Bazoum’s reinstallation. Diplomatic efforts continue as various stakeholders seek a peaceful and equitable resolution to the crisis in the West African nation. The international community awaits the decision of ECOWAS and remains vigilant in monitoring the developments in Niger.

Italy Urges ECOWAS To Extend Niger Ultimatum

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