Isreal Reassures Nigeria Of Support In Fight Against Climate Change

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Israel’s Ambassador to Nigeria, Michael Freeman, has assured Nigeria of his country’s commitment to supporting the development of applicable technologies that can boost the fight against climate change.

Isreal Reassures Nigeria Of Support In Fight Against Climate Change
Michael Freeman

Mr. Freeman, who is also the Permanent Representative of Israel to the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), made this known during a lecture titled “Save the planet with innovation; an opinion piece for delegations for Earth Day” delivered in Abuja on Tuesday.

The envoy noted that despite increased awareness of the need to protect the planet, humans are making matters worse by failing to mitigate the impact of climate change.

He warned against the failure of governments at all levels to take action, stressing that it is necessary to save the planet with innovation.

Mr. Freeman disclosed that Israel, due to its location in the desert with limited natural resources and water, has developed practical, applicable, and relatively inexpensive technologies to help save the planet. He added that these technologies are also incredibly relevant for Nigeria.

He explained that Israel has recycled and reused 94 percent of its wastewater, primarily for agriculture, which, when combined with drip technology, increases crop output while utilizing significantly fewer resources.

He further noted that the development of drought-resistant crops, the use of brackish water in agriculture, the development of crops with higher yields, biological pesticides, the use of satellites, and precision agriculture, are all Israeli technologies that contribute to increasing food security and reducing damage to natural resources.

The envoy also disclosed that Israel has successfully reduced the amount of desert within its borders, becoming the only country in the world to do so at the beginning of the 21st century.

He added that Israel’s vast experience in planting forests in semi-arid regions and preserving them in dry and extreme conditions is priceless, especially for the Great Green Wall project that Nigeria and her neighbors are embarking on.

He further noted that over 1,300 companies and start-ups in Israel are active in the field of climate innovation, from crop growing to flood reduction, and weather forecasting to post-harvest, and Israeli technology is making a significant difference.

Mr. Freeman expressed Israel’s eagerness to share this knowledge and experience with Nigeria.

He concluded by reiterating the importance of Earth Day, stating that it serves as a reminder that all lives are intertwined, and through cooperation, knowledge-sharing, experience, and best practices, significant challenges can be overcome.

He assured Nigeria of Israel’s readiness to cooperate and share its knowledge and experience, adding that through shared future and close working relations, Nigeria and Israel can record significant and positive impacts that would be felt for generations to come.

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