Ime Udoka “Likely” To Be Suspended Entire Season

The Boston Celtics head coach, Ime Udoka has been under the scope since last night when a report by The Athletic surfaced alleging he was involved in an innapropiate intimate and consensual relationship with a female staff member on the team.

Ime Udoka "Likely" To Be Suspended Entire Season
Ime Udoka

A recent announcement by ESPN reporter, Adam Wojnarowski, is that Udoka will be suspended from the team for an entire year. However, his job is not in jeopardy.

In light of the absence of Udoka, assistant coach Joe Mazzula will be the interim coach.

Analysis of the most recent suspension in the NBA

The Boston Celtics start their pre-season training on the 27th of September, yet we still don’t know who will be leading the team.

Kerr, Udoka wear “End Gun Violence” shirts before Game 2 of NBA Finals

This one-year suspension of Ime Udoka would be unprecedented for an NBA coach, as no one has ever been given one this long.

The Celtics getting coached could make it more difficult for them to reach the NBA Finals for a second consecutive year.

People online have reacted in many different ways to the news

Many on the Internet have pointed out that Ime Udoka has been in a relationship with actress Nia Long.

Or even related the news to the ones from other NBA head coach earlier in the week.

Some feel that it is easier to be in the spotlight when you are black.

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