I’m Worth More Than $22m – Burna Boy Sets Record Straight On Net Worth

Burna Boy's Candid Interview Sheds Light on His True Worth and Heartfelt Blessings

Nigerian music sensation Damini Ogulu, renowned by his stage name Burna Boy, has definitively addressed the lingering speculations about his net worth.

I'm Worth More Than $22m - Burna Boy Sets Record Straight On Net Worth

Contrary to the figures widely circulated across the internet, which suggest his net worth to be a substantial $22 million (equivalent to approximately ₦16.8 billion), Burna Boy has firmly stated that his actual net worth surpasses this estimation by a significant margin.

He disclosed this in a recent interview with American media outlet, Complex. During the candid conversation with Complex, the interviewer raised the subject by referring to a prevailing Google search result that pegged Burna Boy’s net worth at $22 million. “A quick Google search says your net worth is $22 million,” the interviewer said.

The artist’s reaction was immediate and punctuated with a hearty laugh. While not dismissing the figure outright, Burna Boy expressed his preference for the misconception to persist, appreciating the notion as “cool.” Nonetheless, he swiftly corrected the inaccuracy, asserting that the circulated figures were “way off” the mark. He said, “Hahaha. Let’s not talk about it. Well, I prefer they go that way. That is cool. But it’s inaccurate. They are way off.”

Burna Boy, known for his unapologetic authenticity, also seized the opportunity to emphasize the profound gratitude he holds for his ability to provide for his family’s financial aspirations. He conveyed that being in a position to fulfill his childhood promise to his mother, that of purchasing a house and car for her represents a paramount blessing in his life.

In his own words, Burna Boy expressed, “It’s great, man. It’s a blessing. It’s nothing short of a blessing. I always told my mum while growing up as a kid that I would buy her a house and a car someday. Another ‘I Told Them’ moment.”

As Burna Boy’s legacy continues to flourish on both the national and global stages, this clarification on his net worth underscores not only his thriving career but also his genuine appreciation for the opportunities he has been granted.

The artist’s candidness during the Complex interview further reinforces his reputation as an unfiltered and transparent voice in the music industry.

Fans and followers worldwide eagerly await more insights from Burna Boy as he navigates his path, continuously breaking barriers and shaping his narrative on his own terms.

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