Idrissa Gueye: Gana Receives Support From Thousands Following LGBTQ+ Stand

midfielder has come under heavy fire from many people worldwide following his absence for failing to turn up for PSG’s game against Montpellier where the Parisiens had the numbers of their jerseys in rainbow colours. It is believed that Gueye boycotted the match because of his anti-homophobic stand against people who are or support same-sex relationships and marriages. 

Idrissa Gueye: Gana Receives Support From Thousands Following LGBTQ+ Stand

The French Football Federation has questioned Idrissa Gueye about his absence from the match four days ago. The player is yet to appear before the questioning panel and he is also yet to release a statement explaining his absence. Idrissa Gueye has never been known to be vocal about his beliefs against homophobia or similar related beliefs. This caused many to wonder about his reason for keeping mute all this while.

As much as many people are against him in his stand, many have come out to back the Senegalese midfield maestro on his choice of not attending the match that day. Amidst mixed reactions on Twitter, many have come out to defend the star, with the general acclaim being that LGBTQ should not be enforced on those who choose not to respect it.

A good number of fans of the Teranga Lion said they will continue to support him in the face of all this. There are no known penalties for people known to be against LGBTQ as the movement remains a minority in global socio-cultural beliefs and notions. Many believe that to put Idrissa Geye in hot water over such a matter that has caused various moral clashes of interests in recent years is absurd and that he has nothing to explain.

Many are also vexed as they feel governments and conglomerates all support LGBTQ because of the monetary advantage it is known to yield. It has come as a social media war as just a few days ago, it seemed it was the world against Idrissa Gueye and just a few days later the tables seem to be turning.

In light of these recent developments, Crystal Palace midfielder Chiekou Kouyate has openly declared solidarity for his compatriot in these times. It comes as a big challenge to governing bodies as more and more people are very vocal about their stance and insist that Idrissa Gueye should not be a scapegoat for what they consider a very irrelevant claim.

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