Idan Irawo Producer’s Wife Cries Out Over Husband Kidney Disease

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Idan Irawo Producer's Wife Cries Out Over Husband Kidney Disease

Wife of popular producer on DSTV, Kunle Agboola shares her traumatic experience as hubby battles Chronic kidney disease.

The presenter of Popular TV Show, Idan Irawo is currently down with Kidney disease and it seems to be getting out of hand. His wife, Taiwo has cried out to Nigerians to help them. He needs about N14Million for a kidney transplant

Idan Irawo Producer's Wife Cries Out Over Husband Kidney Disease

She wrote:

Hello, my name is Taiwo. Kindly read a summary my story.

My hubby, Kunle Agboola was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease(CKD) in February and has been on dialysis weekly ever since. He is urgently in need of a transplant as he’s in an advanced stage now.

Prior to the diagnosis, between 2016 & 2017, he was put on admission several times in various private & Government hospitals. The symptoms were chronic anaemia (20mm, 18mm) high bp (180/120, later on 240/150mm) migrane, sudden weight loss, severe stomach ache, fever, etc. He was given blood transfusions and was treated for typhoid malaria & appendicitis. Eventually, after several tests & scans, it was discovered that his urea & creatinine levels were so high. This marked the beginning of this nightmare.

Sincerely, being there by his side, almost 24/7, from one hospital, lab & church to another has been tough on me. Especially having to care for the kids at the same time. Watching a loved one who was so healthy become very frail & dependent is traumatic. However, I have to be strong for him. We’ve sold properties in order to keep up with his dialysis, medication, diet, support our elderly parents & young kids.

It has taken us almost a year to go public to ask for help. Maybe because our wonderful family, a few true friends, Government health officials & doctors who supported us throughout this journey. God bless them!

At this point, I want to appeal to everyone reading my story to kindly donate to this cause. It’s my desire to see my husband in good health, active and chubby just as he used to be. I want him to witness my album launch, resume all the projects we have pending, see all his children grow & become successful and work more for the Lord.

I understand the economy is quite tough now, nevertheless, no matter how little, it will go a long way.

He needs $40, 800 (N14.8Million) for the cost of Kidney transplant, flight, other tests & medications, accommodation for three people, (himself, kidney donor, and care-giver to carry out the Kidney Transplant operation at Columbia Asia Hospital in India.

We earnestly look forward to your help. As each day passes, all I can do is pray and continue to raise funds for his maintenance dialysis until you all help us reach the target.

One more thing, kindly help broadcast/share.


Thanks for your time. God bless you!
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