I Want To Throw A Big Show In Nigeria – American Rapper Lil Durk

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American rapper and singer, Durk Derrick Banks, popularly known as Lil Durk, has recently unveiled his plans to visit Nigeria in the near future, where he intends to host a monumental concert.

I Want To Throw A Big Show In Nigeria - American Rapper Lil Durk
Lil Durk

This revelation came to light during a captivating question-and-answer session between the 30-year-old artist and his avid fans on Twitter.

Amidst inquiries about his potential visits to Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, and South Africa, the curious fan expressed the desire to witness Lil Durk’s presence in these countries, emphasizing the substantial number of devoted fans awaiting his arrival.

The fan tweeted, “#AskLilDurk when will you come to Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, South Africa…you’ll be so amazed to see you have loyal fans…I’ve been a fan since 2013.”

Responding to the fan’s query, Lil Durk passionately declared, “I wanna throw a big show in Nigeria #AskLilDurk.”

It is worth noting that Lil Durk boasts a devout following among Nigerian youths, particularly those belonging to Generation Z.

His music resonates deeply with this demographic, resonating with their emotions and life experiences.

This was evident when his latest hit single, ‘All My Life,’ featuring J.Cole, skyrocketed to the number one position on Apple Music Nigeria’s charts within a mere 24 hours of its release.

As anticipation grows for Lil Durk’s arrival in Nigeria, music enthusiasts and fans alike eagerly await further details regarding his upcoming concert.

With his remarkable talent and widespread acclaim, there is no doubt that his performance will leave an indelible mark on the music scene in Nigeria.

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