I Made More Money From Gospel Than Secular Music – Kcee

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In a recent interview with OAP Dotun on Cool FM, popular Nigerian music star Kcee made a surprising revelation.

I Made More Money From Gospel Than Secular Music - Kcee

The 44-year-old artist disclosed that he has earned more money from his gospel music endeavors compared to his secular songs.

Kcee, known for his dynamic musical style, opened up about the initial doubts and skepticism he faced when he decided to switch genres.

Despite the mockery and discouragement he encountered, he took the risk and ventured into gospel music, a move that proved to be highly rewarding.

“I’m a risk taker. Moving from Afrobeats to gospel was like risking my career 50/50. I did it, and it worked,” Kcee confidently stated during the interview.

“A lot of people around me said it wasn’t going to work. They said I shouldn’t try it but I believed in the risk and it gave me a whole new crowd.

“That was the only gospel music that played in strip clubs and beer parlors. I performed in churches and all that. I’ve always focused on what I have. I nurture it, I put it together and put it out.

“When I did the gospel songs, a lot of people said it’s over. They said I’m actually going close to my village and I’m taking the music to my village. They said I’m moving from town to village, that was horrible.

“When I heard that I said Okay, let’s see how that works. It didn’t happen and I’ve made more money from it than ever before in my whole career. I knew I was going to make a lot of money. I was too sure.

“I fought with a lot of people before I released it. They said the song is 10 minutes and this generation doesn’t have patience.

“They said the music should be two minutes but I told them to not worry but to just release the song. And that project has been my highest streamed project ever.”

The gospel music album that brought Kcee immense success is titled ‘Cultural Praise.’ Released in collaboration with the Okwesili Eze Group in 2021, the project resonated with listeners across different demographics.

In a recent release titled ‘Ojapiano,’ Kcee showcased his versatility by incorporating local instruments into the popular Amapiano genre, further demonstrating his commitment to exploring diverse musical styles.

Kcee hails from Amaputu in Uli, Ihiala LGA, Anambra State, Nigeria. He is the brother of renowned business mogul E-money.

Currently signed to the prestigious Five Star Music label, Kcee continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences with his unique musical talent.

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