According to earlier reports, Jaruma Empire had appealed to people she had previously helped to come to her rescue.

The Aphrodisiac dealer requested financial assistance from Ubi Franklin, her talent manager, Tacha, Ella, Esther, and other BBNaija reality stars after experiencing difficult times and low sales.

She claimed that because she had been there for them when they needed assistance, they owed her kindness in return.

Jaruma further instructed them to refund the precise sum of money she had spent on them.

In a brand-new post, Jaruma has come specifically for Tacha and revealed how she used magic to become wealthy and well-known.

Jaruma claimed that everything started after Tacha “STRATEGICALLY” approached her to assist her in realizing her one and only life goal, which is to get into the Big Brother NAIJA BBN House.

According to Jaruma, Tacha entered the BBNaija house by the Grace of God, which permanently altered her life.

Read Jaruma’s lengthy post:

Jaruma is so blessed Glory Be To God Almighty How My Magic Made Tacha Rich And Popular - Jaruma A single phone call from Jaruma has EXTRAORDINARY HEALING POWERS..!! Jaruma, very poor, from the humble ghettos of Nyanya..!! Jaruma Northerner Hausa Aboki Muslim..!! Tacha Southerner Porthacourt Christian How My Magic Made Tacha Rich And Popular - Jaruma Tacha knew that after Arabs, Northerners Hausa Tangale Billiri people are the most GENEROUS people in the whole world..!!

A billionaire can never help u but a poor Hausa person has the HEART to give u Millions that is why Tacha STRATEGICALLY chose Jaruma & she told Jaruma to please help her bcos her ONLY & BIGGEST DREAM in life is to enter Big Brother NAIJA BBN.

Jaruma did her magic by the Grace Of God & Tacha got in How My Magic Made Tacha Rich And Popular - Jaruma Jaruma had 800,000k followers while Tacha had only 20k followers. During auditions, a very mean lady made a video of Tacha saying (EEhhheen, Ehen see our Instagram Prostitute oooooo How My Magic Made Tacha Rich And Popular - Jaruma

The video quickly went viral but JARUMA WAS THE ONLY PERSON WHO SPOKE OUT to defend & wipe Tacha’s tears..!! To & Ti & Deb DO NOT SPEAK FOR GIRLS LIKE TACHA BECAUSE ITS A SHAME TO THEM TO ASSOCIATE WITH SUCH A LOWER CLASS CITIZEN..!! SHE WAS NOT THEIR CLASS & NOT ON THEIR LEVEL & THEY FELT TOO UP HIGH & MIGHTY TO SPEAK FOR TACHA..!!..!! Jaruma spent N7,000,000 on votes for Tacha. Money she told me to be sending to her boyfriends bank account..!!

Even when Mr Jollof also spoke against the excessive bullying towards Tacha, Jaruma sent him another N1,000,000 just in order to encourage others to be KIND How My Magic Made Tacha Rich And Popular - Jaruma Unfortunately Tacha got disqualified & Buried In Shame, Jaruma sent Tacha N50,000,000 Million Naira to come to Dubai & start a New Life but when Jaruma noticed that there was no more Loyalty, Jaruma used The Nigerian Police to return back Jaruma’s N50,000,000 How My Magic Made Tacha Rich And Popular - JarumaHow My Magic Made Tacha Rich And Popular - Jaruma Tacha, forever Jaruma’s God Daughter