How Christians Fool People With False Testimonies And Science Of Manipulation


– Stephen

It’s no news to us that the greatest evil to ever befall mankind is Religion, therefore, we’d be discussing how the supposed chalartans of religion manipulate unsuspecting victims with indoctrination and gainsaying.

Some months back, I was in my room with my friend on a certain Saturday, we were discussing guys stuff, then a couple of girls, I think 6girls and two guys stormed our compound and went to various room in two’s. One very beautiful girl approached mine, he was accompanied by a guy. They started their shenanigans and sermon thereby inviting both my friend and I to their newly opened church in the process.

My friend was a Christian and he told them he wasn’t coming, he had his own church he attends, no matter how they tried to convince him, he didn’t bulge, however, I agreed because I was hoping to get the girls number at the end of the day, I like girls that much. I told the girl that I’m only coming because of her and she blushed and thanked me. The next day, she came to my house and reminded me of the service, I told her to go ahead and I’ll meet her there by 11 and she did.

I got dressed and headed to what’s soon gonna become an initiation alongside one other guy on my compound. We got to the service and they were just starting their praise song. I recognised a guy among them, he was in my department, I think two years my senior, he stepped towards the podium, grabs the microphone and started praying, the Sister’s of the Lord joined him to, including their member which aren’t up to 15. Suddenly, the guy started, Arrabababa, shashasha, rekepopopo, I was like the fvck? After he finished whatever the hell he was saying, they continued the service and not long after, another guy stepped in, and went directly towards the podium, he prayed and asked the newcomers to stand up and we did, like five of us I think. Then he ordered everybody to join us and started praying, telling his that one of us will be freed from the devils bondage that moment and asked everybody to join hands and pray, everybody started praying, the pastor spoke in tongues, the pianist didn’t take his hand of the instrument and I felt something within me, the feeling was so strong, it was the kinda feeling I usually feel whenever am listening to Tupac with my headset. I shared my head for them, Chai….

After a while, he asked us to get sitted, our prayers have been answered. “Brother Joshua, please step on the podium and give your testimony.”

“Ever since I finished university in 2014, I have been searching for job and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t secured any, I was introduced to this very church last week and I went to meet the pastor after the service, I told him of my predicament and he prayed for me, three days later, I was contacted by 10 different companies offering me job.”

The pastor called several others by their ‘name’ to give testimonies which they did, delivering the miraculous things God did in their life.

Finally we were asked to drop offerings and they welcomed the new members to the church and the service ended.

I didn’t attend the Church again after that because they used their female members, the very beautiful ones to convince the draw male members to the church.

Secondly, like a month after when we begun our CBT exam, I saw the idiot that claims to be looking for job and has been offered job by 10 different companies, I saw him with his course for, alas, he was still a student and he was there to write his CBT exam too.

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