Here Is What Warere Beach Hotel Has To Say About Zainab’s Allegations

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Here Is What Warere Beach Hotel Has To Say About Zainab's Allegations
Warere Beach Hotel responds to Zainab Oladehinde’s accusations

The management of Warere Beach Hotel, Zanzibar in Tanzania has finally responded to the several allegations levelled against the hospitality company ranging from negligence to covering up of attempted rape culprits.

Zainab Oladehinde, a Nigerian lady visited the beach hotel sometime in April last year and almost got raped by the security operative at midnight and she didn’t even understand how he got in.

In her series of narrations, the victim mentioned how she met with the hotel owner who insisted the culprit wasn’t a direct staff of the hotel.

Now, Warere Beach Hotel is taking the same route as Zainab by coming out on social media to clear its name.

Here is a full account of the hotel management regarding the attempted rape accusation raised by Zainab Oladehinde:

Following accusations of sexual assault through various social media platforms by a Ms Zainab Oladehinde, who stayed at our Warere Beach Hotel in April 2021 as a guest, we would like to add our detailed account of the alleged event in a clearer perspective as hereunder:

Firstly we would like to mention from the outset that it is not our policy to respond publicly to any personal issues encountered by our guests. However due to the fact that the said guest decided to go public, we feel, though reluctantly.

that we are duty bound to respond and put the record of the alleged event in its totality. This is so, particularly since the said news was posted that our Warere Website was hacked and we were inundated by a massive release of negative messages.

Within 3 hours we have received 4,000 negative reviews on Google from people who had never stayed at our Hotel but simply tended to believe a one sided story. It is true that we had Ms Zainab Oladehinde as our guest coming from Nigeria who arrived in APRIL, 2021.

It is also true that she reported to our Management that a male security personnel (who is not our employee but was posted at our Hotel by the Security Company) went to her room and attempted to have sexual intercourse with her.

Immediately we directed and assisted her to report the matter at the nearby Police Station as this is a criminal matter and falls under police jurisdiction to investigate and take appropriate legal measures.

Here Is What Warere Beach Hotel Has To Say About Zainab's Allegations  The Police took her statement of complaint and accordingly the accused person (a staff member of the security company) was immediately arrested, detained and interrogated by the Police. However, to everybody’s surprise, the accused gave a different account of what happened.

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