Guinness World Records Urges Nigerians to Seek Approval for Record Attempts

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Guinness World Records Urges Nigerians to Seek Approval for Record Attempts
Guinness World Records: Seek Approval First, Break Records Later

Guinness World Records (GWR), the renowned British reference book documenting extraordinary achievements, has issued an advisory to Nigerians and enthusiasts worldwide, emphasizing the importance of obtaining record title approval before embarking on any record-breaking endeavors.

In a recent tweet, GWR’s verification team expressed their stance on the increasing number of “record-a-thons” and encouraged participants to seek official confirmation prior to attempting marathon records. Acknowledging the enthusiasm surrounding such events, GWR emphasized the significance of their team’s approval to ensure the legitimacy and recognition of the record.

The cautionary message comes after GWR advised prospective record breakers earlier this month to verify their attempts with the Guinness team before making any world record bids. The announcement was made through GWR’s official Twitter handle, urging individuals to confirm their world record titles in advance.

The announcement follows the remarkable feat achieved by Chef Dammy Adeparusi, who successfully completed a marathon cooking session lasting 120 hours in Oye-Ekiti, Ekiti State, in June. Adeparusi’s accomplishment was met with widespread celebration but also faced criticism from some quarters. It followed another Nigerian chef, Hilda Baci, who had broken the world record for the longest cooking marathon by an individual, clocking in at an impressive 93 hours and 11 minutes.

However, not all record-breaking attempts have been without challenges. In a recent incident, Nigerian masseuse Joyce Ijeoma, aiming to set a Guinness World Record for the longest massage on different individuals, reportedly collapsed during her 72-hour massage-a-thon in the Ikate area of Lagos State. Ijeoma had already completed over 36 hours of continuous massage when the unfortunate incident occurred. The current Guinness World Record for the longest full-body massage stands at approximately 25 hours and 4 minutes.

Furthermore, the Ekiti State Government has issued a warning against promoting a planned kissing marathon known as the “kiss-a-thon,” aimed at breaking the Guinness World Record for the longest kissing marathon. Mr. Dayo Apata, the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, emphasized that individuals found guilty of promoting the event could face up to three years in jail. The commissioner also urged recreational facility owners in the state to decline hosting such an event, cautioning that non-compliance could result in legal consequences.

The organizers of the kiss-a-thon event had hoped to establish a new Guinness World Record with the three-day marathon, attracting considerable attention and anticipation.

As Guinness World Records continues to inspire awe and capture the imagination of individuals worldwide, the importance of seeking official approval and adhering to guidelines has become increasingly significant. The record-breaking endeavors of Nigerians demonstrate their remarkable spirit and determination to leave an indelible mark on the global stage of achievements.

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