Governor Otti Takes Swift Action: Clearing Salary Arrears and Pensions in Abia State

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Governor Otti Takes Swift Action: Clearing Salary Arrears and Pensions in Abia State
Abia State Governor Resolves Salary Arrears and Pension Backlog

Abia State Governor, Dr. Alex Otti, has taken a decisive step towards fulfilling his campaign promise by ordering the immediate payment of arrears of April salaries owed to public workers in the state by the previous administration. Additionally, he directed the payment of June pensions to retirees who have been awaiting their dues for an extended period.

This move comes as a relief to numerous pensioners who have been owed for upwards of 50 months by the previous administration, causing immense financial strain and hardship for these retired individuals. Governor Otti, recognizing the gravity of the situation, expressed his commitment to addressing this issue during a meeting of the Executive Council.

The meeting, which was attended by the Deputy Governor, Engr Ikechukwu Emetu, 16 newly sworn-in Commissioners, the Accountant General, and other senior officials of the State, provided a platform for Governor Otti to reaffirm his dedication to fulfilling his promises and clearing all outstanding verified debts.

During the gathering, Governor Otti specifically instructed the Accountant General to ensure the prompt payment of the April 2023 salary arrears and the June 2023 pension before the week’s end. This directive stands despite the ongoing process of verifying pensioners and workers on the government payroll, which has unveiled several fraudulent activities, including the discovery of ghost names.

Acknowledging the financial implications of these payments while the verification process continues, Governor Otti emphasized the importance of assisting genuine pensioners who have endured immense suffering due to delayed payments. Most of these pensioners are elderly and sickly, making their prolonged wait for funds even more arduous.

Governor Otti’s decision to prioritize the welfare of pensioners and public workers showcases his commitment to alleviating their hardships and ensuring that they receive their rightful dues. By fulfilling these obligations, he aims to restore the trust and confidence of the state’s workforce in the government’s ability to meet its financial responsibilities.

With the immediate payment of April salary arrears and June pensions, Governor Otti not only fulfills a campaign promise but also demonstrates his dedication to transparent governance and accountability. This proactive approach sets a positive precedent for his administration’s commitment to the welfare of pensioners and public workers in Abia State.

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