France Says Only Legitimate Niger Govt Can Cut Military Ties

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In a diplomatic response on Friday, France firmly rejected the Niger junta’s decision to terminate bilateral military agreements with the country.

France Says Only Legitimate Niger Govt Can Cut Military Ties
France President, Emmanuel Macron

France said the West African nation’s “legitimate” leadership, holds the exclusive right to make such decisions.

In a statement issued by the French foreign ministry, it emphasized that “The legal framework of France’s defense agreement with Niger is based on accords that were signed with the legitimate Nigerien authorities,”

This declaration comes in the wake of the junta’s announcement in Niamey, stating their intentions to end military cooperation agreements with Paris.

Despite the junta’s actions, France has not wavered in its recognition of Mohamed Bazoum as the rightfully elected President of Niger, even though he is currently detained.

The situation has raised concerns over the future of the bilateral relationship between Niger and its former colonial ruler. The military agreements have played a crucial role in security and defense cooperation between the two nations, and their termination could have significant implications.

It remains to be seen how the Nigerien junta and the French authorities will navigate this diplomatic impasse. The international community will be closely monitoring developments to ascertain the implications for regional stability and security.

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