Former Governor Umahi Pledges Collaboration with President Tinubu to Fulfill Promises

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Former Governor Umahi Pledges Collaboration with President Tinubu to Fulfill Promises
Umahi Expresses Commitment to President Tinubu’s Promises

In a recent meeting with journalists after a warm reception by Governor Francis Nwifuru in Abakaliki, former Governor and Senator representing Ebonyi South, Dave Umahi, expressed his commitment to work closely with President Bola Tinubu to ensure the fulfillment of all promises made by the President.

During the press briefing, Umahi emphasized his determination to support President Tinubu in fulfilling the commitments he made to the Nigerian people. “I will work with the President to ensure that all promises he made are kept,” he asserted. While addressing his future role in the government, Umahi indicated that he could not determine the specific ministry he would head, but he was eager to demonstrate the inherent resourcefulness and exceptionality of the people of Ebonyi State.

Furthermore, Umahi openly acknowledged that it was President Tinubu’s sole responsibility that led to his nomination as a minister from Ebonyi State. Grateful for the trust placed in him, he vowed to exert unwavering efforts to justify the confidence reposed in his abilities. Despite not knowing the ministry he would be assigned to oversee, Umahi remained resolute in his dedication to serving the nation.

“I owe profound appreciation to President Tinubu for fulfilling his promise during the trying period,” Umahi remarked, expressing gratitude for the support and opportunities provided to him.

Governor Francis Nwifuru of Ebonyi State also expressed his joy at Umahi’s nomination as a minister, a sentiment shared by the former governor. “My governor (Nwifuru) should be happy because he wished for it,” Umahi added, reaffirming his commitment to the growth and development of the state.

As the nation eagerly awaits the formation of the new government and the allocation of ministerial positions, Umahi’s determination to collaborate with President Tinubu stands as a beacon of hope for the realization of the promised objectives and progress for Nigeria. The people of Ebonyi State, in particular, eagerly anticipate the positive impact of Umahi’s representation at the federal level, hoping that his tenure will bring about meaningful changes and advancements for the region and the entire country.

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