FG Imposes N1,000 Annual Fee On Motorists For Proof Of Ownership Certificate

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In a bid to streamline and enhance the process of vehicle ownership verification, the Federal Government has announced the introduction of an annual fee of N1,000 for Proof of Ownership Certificate (POC) verification.

FG Imposes N1,000 Annual Fee On Motorists For Proof Of Ownership Certificate
The announcement was made by Abdulhafiz Toriola, the Permanent Secretary of the Lagos Ministry of Transportation, during a press conference held on Tuesday.

Toriola emphasized that the initiative aims to ensure compliance with legal requirements essential for transparency, security, and accountability within the transportation network. ”

The annual Proof of Ownership Certificate (POC) is in line with our commitment to meeting these fundamental obligations,” he stated.

“The issuance of an annual Proof of Ownership Certificate for all registered vehicles has been introduced by the Federal Government,” Toriola announced.

He further explained that the certificate would serve as official documentation of a vehicle’s legal ownership upon successful completion of the necessary requirements and procedures.

The Proof of Ownership Certificate (POC) will contain crucial information, including the vehicle’s registration details such as license plate number, model, and year of manufacture, as well as the owner’s name and address.

Toriola highlighted that this initiative is a response to the challenges faced in ensuring the promotion of safety and security in the transportation sector, both nationally and particularly in Lagos State.

The Joint Tax Board, in its communiqué issued after an emergency meeting on May 9, 2023, has adopted and resolved that the Proof of Ownership Certificate (PoC) be issued to motorists on an annual basis nationwide. Lagos State will begin the collection of the fee for POC from motorists starting in July 2023, as outlined by Toriola.

This initiative aligns with the National Road Traffic Regulation 2012 as amended, No. 101, Vol. 99; Section 73-(1), which states that “There shall be Proof of Ownership Certificate for all registered Vehicles.” Additionally, Section 73-(1-6) mandates the establishment and maintenance of a Central Database for Vehicles and drivers in the federation by the commission.

According to Toriola, this initiative will facilitate real-time tracking of the status of vehicles and ensure the integrity of all vehicles registered on the National Vehicle and Identification Scheme (NVIS) database. It will also aid in the detection of car theft and the recovery of stolen vehicles.

Furthermore, the initiative will allow for the easy verification of motor vehicle documents across all states, enhancing the safety and security of vehicles and their owners. It will also contribute to the development of the National Vehicle database, which is crucial for national security, planning, and economic growth.

The introduction of the annual fee for Proof of Ownership Certificate (POC) verification is expected to bring about significant improvements in vehicle ownership verification processes, bolstering safety and security in Nigeria’s transportation network.

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