Fani-Kayode Sends Message To All Christians And Apostle Suleiman From Detention


Fani-Kayode Sends Message To All Christians And Apostle Suleiman From Detention

“God willing am in custody of EFCC. But to me is a great time to commune with God just the way Paul and other brethren did in their days.

I am here not only because my party gave me money to campaign for them like every other politician even in APC. But if it might interest you to know,what is going on is the persecution of Christians. Before i forget,this message should be taken to apostle Johnson Suleman the founder of OMEGA fire ministry. I had a revelation that they are planing to attack him. Because he is one of the major voice crying out for justice in the body of Christ.
The Muslims are out to persecute the Christians.

I am here under custody because the likes of Kabiru are not comfortable with my position as a Christian.

God willing,the dark age will soon be over.

They refused taking me to court to defend my civic right.

They want to keep me for the next 4years. But they don’t know it is dangerous. I now have time to pray more,study more,and even meditate.

Before my arrest,Lai Mohammed offered me an amnesty if only i decamp to their anti-Christ party.
I refused because i know who i am.
No man can cover your sin for you. If am guilty,i will surly come out strong.

This is not just anti-corruption fight. Where are the PDP governors and leaders from the North? They are walking freely today.

This is a fight to pocket the voices of Christians.

A situation where an office picked offence on me for relating with my God through the name Jesus. He threw my bible to the floor today.
If it where to be the Quran,will he do that?

The head of who did that would’ve been at the gate of Aso rock by now.

So many secret plots to eliminate top politicians and pastors who are Christians is on going.

Tukur was right when he raised alarm that,a meeting was held in Dubai to overthrow Jonathan by all means. Part of what they discussed at the meeting,is what Aregbeshola and El-Rufai are displaying in their various states.
I am not an infidel and i will never be one. I am a man of dignity. I will not stop fighting even here in prison.

I am the John the Baptist of my generation.

I will not keep mute and watch anti-Christ imposing policies that are not religious friendly.

What has bible got to do with my case with the EFCC?

Why are they keeping me here when we have a competent court to prove if am guilty or not?
I am blowing the whistle now for Christians to go on their knees. This was how i warned my brothers against Sheriff whose mission is to destroy the PDP and give room for Buhari to install one party system.
We gave them opportunity to be opposition.

Why are they depriving us such right if they don’t have interior motive.

A democratic system without vibrant opposition is said to be dictatorship government.
God willing,i will be alive to witness Nigerians glamouring for referendum like what took place in great Britain.

And such referendum will tell if we truly saw the future under president Buhari’s government.
Arresting Kayode is the greatest achievement they’ve achieved. But for me,God used them to keep me here,in order to prepare for the challenges ahead.

Today is pregnant. Let’s see what tomorrow will deliver.

They were not elected to be permanent. They have maximum 8years to stay. And is already counting.

Thank you all for your prayers.

– Femi Fani-Kayode. (The Voice Crying From The Prison).

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