Falz Reacts To Criticisms Trailing His Abroad Knee Surgery

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The popular rap star, Folarin Falana better known professionally as Falz reacts to criticisms from Bashir El-Rufai and APC supporters following his abroad knee surgery.

Falz Reacts To Criticisms Trailing His Abroad Knee Surgery

Nigerian music sensation and actor, Falz, has broken his silence and responded to the wave of criticism he has faced following his knee surgery abroad. The artist, known for his outspoken nature, took to social media to address the controversies surrounding his decision to undergo the procedure outside the country.

In response to the backlash, the multi-talented artist shared a heartfelt message on his social media platforms. He explained that his decision to undergo the surgery abroad was based on the advice of medical professionals who specialized in his specific condition. Falz emphasized that his priority was to receive the best possible care and treatment for his injury, regardless of the location.

The artist’s response garnered mixed reactions from the public. While some applauded him for his transparency and explained the reasoning behind his decision, others remained critical, questioning why he did not explore all options within the country before opting for treatment abroad.

Falz who reacted to the criticisms blasted them for being stupid and looking for anything to drag him with.

He wrote:

“So pathetic these people are trying sooooo hard to latch on to this knee surgery gist. Eyahhh.

Na so una dey desperate for ammunition. Just find a smart phone & google ACL rupture. ODE. The audacity that stupidity gives you sha. Sigh”

Falz Reacts To Criticisms Trailing His Abroad Knee Surgery

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