Facebook, Google, Other Tech Firms Ask US Supreme Court to Block Texas Social Media Law

Facebook, Twitter, Google, Other Tech Firms Ask US Supreme Court to Block Texas Social Media LawLobbying groups representing Facebook, Twitter, and filed an emergency request with the US Supreme Court to block Texans from restricting social media platforms from banning users based on their political views.

On Wednesday of this week, the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals granted a stay to the district court’s injunction blocking Texas’ new abortion law. The law went into effect that same day.

Companies with more than 50 million active users per month cannot ban members based on their political views. They also must publicly disclose the way they moderate content.

The Supreme Court of the will hear arguments from lawyers from office Inc., Inc., and Alphabet Inc. when

Industry Association filed a lawsuit against the measure, and a US District Judge in Austin, Texas issued a preliminary injunction in December.

The judge was in favor of letting social media companies’ free speech rights be limited.

The tech groups in their emergency request, asked the Supreme Court to stay the lower court’s ruling so that the first amendment can be used while appealing.


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