Migos Saga Continues With Quavo Confirming the Dreaded

Famed American trio Migos have been in the news for the better part of May. The Atlanta group has been in the spotlight as they are rumoured to be set to disband, following internal crises which have been made public to a reasonable degree. 

Migos Saga Continues With Quavo Confirming the Dreaded

It is believed that Offset reportedly had a spat with Quavo a few weeks ago. The feud has been dragging on, with Offset’s wife and rap superstar Cardi B also exchanging words in what was a heated argument.

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Things have gotten to a head and it seems Offset is willing to ditch the squad and start solo. Quavo is not concerned and he is even working on establishing a new duo that will include the third member of the Migos; Takeoff.  Their name will be Unc & Phew. The name best explains Quavo and Takeoff in their family tree as Quavo is Takeoff’s uncle.

Offset is very much supported by his wife in the midst of all the recent occurrences and it is little wonder that Quavo is being super expressive with him. Quavo and Offset have unfollowed each other on social media, with Cardi B joining the fray and unfollowing Quavo too!

Takeoff isn’t keen on making enemies and he’s still following all of them on his socials. He probably believes there is a way out of the whole mess and perhaps things will take a better shape. However, he is on the side of Quavo on the Unc & Phew project which could soon finally phase off Offset.

Takeoff was on Quavo’s single Hotel Lobby. It’s one of the few times Offset will not be featured on a typical Migos track and it is looking as though their separation will be permanent, with the likes of Cardi B fuelling the fire of the separation and the group looking like they’re headed for the collapse.

Quavo is still keeping things tidy and private and it remains uncertain when or if Migos will disband and if Unc & Phew will come to the industry.

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