Cardi B Speaks On Cheating Allegations

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Popular American female rapper, Belcalis Almanzar, known by her stage name Cardi B, has fired back after her husband, Offset, took to social media to accuse her of infidelity.

Cardi B Speaks On Cheating Allegations
Cardi B

Offset made these shocking allegations in a now-deleted Instagram post, claiming that Cardi B cheated on him with a member of his “gang.”

Talkglitz previously reported on Offset’s accusations, which quickly garnered attention online.

However, Cardi B wasted no time in addressing the situation and defending herself during a recent Twitter space that she hosted.

In an effort to express her emotions, she sang a portion of Keyshia Cole’s hit song “I Should Have Cheated” before launching into a passionate denial of the allegations.

“Listen. Don’t pay attention to that countryman, y’all,” Cardi B asserted, clearly dismissing Offset’s claims. “That Spaces the other day got motherfuckers spiraling and thinking shit. Come on now. I’m Cardi B, n**a. I think sometimes motherfuckers forget. I’m Cardi B. If I were giving this pssy to anybody, it is not just anybody.”

“Can’t fck regular-degular-shmegular, ’cause they’re gonna tell the world. And I can’t fck anybody in the industry, ’cause they’re gonna tell too,” she explained.

Drawing reference to Rubi Rose’s lyrics in her song, Cardi B emphasized her need for discretion and warned her husband not to act foolishly.

“Y’all ever heard that Rubi Rose where she says ‘got a big ass mouth?’ So please, boy, stop acting stupid. Stop acting stupid. Going crazy over a fcking space. Don’t play with me. What the fck. Stop playing. That’s all I’m gonna motherfucking say,” she concluded, her tone resolute and determined.

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Cardi B’s response in the Twitter space has generated significant buzz and reactions from fans and followers. The couple’s relationship has often been in the public eye, with both moments of love and occasional controversy making headlines.

As fans eagerly await further developments, it remains to be seen how Offset will respond to Cardi B’s passionate denial of the infidelity allegations.

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