England Women’s Coach Wiegman Dismisses Rumors, Focuses on Spain Final and Future

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England Women's Coach Wiegman Dismisses Rumors, Focuses on Spain Final and Future
England Women’s Team Gears Up for Spain Final Amid Rumors

In a decisive turn of events, Sarina Wiegman, the esteemed coach of the England women’s national team, has quashed swirling rumors connecting her to both the US women’s national team and the managerial position for the England men’s national team. The Dutch tactician, who boasts a remarkable record as a two-time UEFA Women’s Championship victor, has firmly expressed her contentment with her current role and her unwavering commitment to her team’s cause.

Sources indicate that the United States has reportedly made a bid to secure the services of Wiegman, acknowledging her exceptional coaching prowess. Furthermore, discussions have also emerged regarding her potential takeover of the England men’s national team from Gareth Southgate.

Speaking exclusively to Sky News, Wiegman elaborated on her allegiance to the England women’s squad, stating, “I want to stay with England. I’m very happy with my job, I’m happy with how the FA treats me. And I’m getting ready for the Spain game.”

As the much-anticipated final against Spain looms on the horizon, Wiegman’s focus remains resolutely on the forthcoming challenge. Her steadfast dedication to her team is evident in her words, “We really want to leave with that World Cup. We have an opponent that’s really strong. What we’re focusing on is how do we want to play, and we’re going to do anything to be at our best. And then hopefully that gives us the success we want.”

The 53-year-old strategist possesses unwavering confidence in her team’s capabilities, expressing, “I have a lot of confidence in our team. I think we’re in a very good place. Everyone wants to start, but if any player is not starting – which will be 12 players not starting – I know that they’re ready when we need them – that they’re ready to come on and play the best.”

Amidst the heightened anticipation surrounding the final, Wiegman recognizes the profound impact of the team’s journey on the global stage, acknowledging, “It’s just really, really nice when you get so far in a tournament and you make a final that everyone is watching. And that gives a boost to the women’s game in England, but also worldwide, here in Australia. You’ve seen the whole country was behind them. And that’s very exciting to be part of.”

With a tenacious coach at the helm and a team motivated to make history, England’s women’s national team is poised to make an indelible mark on the world stage in the upcoming final against Spain. Wiegman’s steadfast commitment to her role and her vision for the team’s success will undoubtedly resonate with fans and athletes alike, as the world watches in anticipation.

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