Edo Governor Urges Federal Aid for Road Repairs During Diocesan Bishop Inauguration

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Edo Governor Urges Federal Aid for Road Repairs During Diocesan Bishop Inauguration
do Governor Seeks Federal Approval to Remedy State’s Crumbling Roads

Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State has expressed frustration over the Federal Government’s refusal to grant permission for the state government to undertake vital repairs on severely deteriorated federal roads within the state. The governor made this statement during his address at the inauguration ceremony of the ministry and the enthronement of Ven. Ebenezer Omeiza Saiki as the second Diocesan Bishop of Akoko-Edo Diocese. The ceremony took place at St. James Cathedral in Ugbogbo, Igarra, situated in the Akoko Edo Local Government Area.

Governor Obaseki highlighted the dire condition of the roads and the urgency to alleviate the hardships faced by citizens due to the poor state of infrastructure. He called upon the residents and all road users to unite in appealing to the Federal Government to grant Edo State the authority to take control of the roads’ repair and maintenance.

Addressing the congregation, Governor Obaseki lamented the road conditions, stating, “I had committed to attend the Abba festival as a distinguished guest a few days ago. However, despite my intention, I had to return to Benin City as there were no passable roads to reach the destination. I am committed to restoring and enhancing our roads, but I require your assistance in urging the authorities in Abuja to grant us the permission necessary to undertake this crucial task.”

He continued, “The situation is such that we are pleading with the Federal Government to relinquish control of these roads to us so that we can rehabilitate them for the betterment of all.”

Governor Obaseki also stressed the significance of a collaborative effort between political and religious leaders to foster growth and development not just in Edo State but across the entire country. He emphasized, “For progress to be achieved, it is vital for government leaders to partner with church leaders to fully comprehend the challenges faced by the people they govern.”

“The church plays a pivotal role as a source of solace for those in need and facing adversity,” he added. “The support offered by religious leaders often surpasses that of the government. Recognizing this, we hold the church and our spiritual leaders in high esteem.”

During the event, the Archbishop of Bendel Province and Bishop of Ughelli Diocese, Most Rev Cyril Odutemu, extended a warm welcome to Governor Obaseki and his delegation. He affirmed that Ven. Saiki would serve as the Bishop presiding over the Diocese for the next quarter-century. He also appealed to the governor for support, acknowledging the challenges that may arise during this tenure.

“We express our gratitude for the colloquium commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Midwest Referendum and the 32nd-year celebration of Edo State’s establishment,” the Archbishop added.

The ceremony marked a platform for Governor Obaseki to underscore the pressing need for improved road infrastructure and collaboration with religious institutions for holistic development.

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