ECOWAS Directs Deployment Of Standby Troops To Restore Constitutional Order In Niger

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In an assertive move, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has issued a directive for the immediate deployment of standby military troops aimed at reinstating constitutional order within the Niger Republic.
ECOWAS Directs Deployment Of Standby Troops To Restore Constitutional Order In Niger
This decision was reached during the conclusion of ECOWAS’ second extraordinary meeting held in Abuja on Thursday. The meeting was convened to address the ongoing political turmoil gripping Niger.

This bold resolution follows the defiant stance adopted by the military junta in Niger, which chose to disregard ECOWAS’ ultimatum to reinstate the ousted President Mohamed Bazoum.

The regional bloc had warned that the utilization of force could be considered as a last resort if the Nigerien military authorities persisted in their refusal to comply. This ultimatum was first issued during the initial ECOWAS meeting held on July 30.

President Bola Tinubu, in his opening remarks during the second extraordinary meeting, emphasized that the political upheaval in Niger not only jeopardizes the nation’s stability but also holds far-reaching implications for the wider West African region.

Tinubu, who serves as the chairperson of ECOWAS, stressed that the organization’s leaders are bound by the mandate to explore all diplomatic avenues to swiftly reinstate constitutional governance in Niger.

During the meeting, the regional body vowed to meticulously assess the effectiveness of its interventions, identifying any hindrances or challenges that might have impeded progress in resolving the crisis.

In a comprehensive communique released at the conclusion of the meeting on Thursday, ECOWAS outlined a series of measures designed to tackle the Niger crisis. These measures include a call for the endorsement of all decisions made by ECOWAS by the African Union.

Strongly condemning the hostage status of President Bazoum, the communique squarely placed the responsibility for his safety, along with that of his family and the democratically appointed administration, on the shoulders of the Niger military government.

While ECOWAS reiterated its commitment to exhaust peaceful options for resolving the crisis, it also issued a warning to member states that obstruct the peaceful resolution process. The regional body cautioned these states about the potential consequences of their actions within the community.

The communique urged the African Union to fully endorse the decisions taken by ECOWAS and called on all partner countries and institutions, including the United Nations, to lend their support to ECOWAS’ efforts in ensuring a swift reinstatement of constitutional order, in line with its established normative instruments.

Furthermore, ECOWAS instructed the president of the commission to closely monitor the enforcement of sanctions and mandated the committee of the chief of defense staff to initiate immediate activation of the ECOWAS standby force, involving all its constituent elements.

In its closing statements, ECOWAS remained resolute in its commitment to achieving the restoration of constitutional order in Niger through peaceful means. The organization underscored its dedication to the stability and prosperity of the entire West African region.

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