Bukunmi Oluwasina – Hey! Official Soundtracks

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Bukunmi Oluwasina - Hey! Official Soundtracks

Bukunmi Oluwasina has released the soundtracks from her three-cast movie, “Hey!”. The singer, actress and movie producer has put in so much to make the movie a great success. People won’t stop talking about it.

She always took an extra effort to record two full soundtracks for the movie, that’s deep creativity, innit?

SEE “Hey!” Movie By Bukunmi Oluwasina

These tracks were released exclusively on


DOWNLOAD Bukunmi Oluwasina Hey Soundtrack 1 – Stay With Me

DOWNLOAD Bukunmi Oluwasina Hey Soundtrack 2 – Hey!

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  1. This is the first movie that makes me cry and I remember about the past

  2. This movie really caught me
    Hmm really moved I cried loud remember my past

  3. jesutofunmi Reply

    wow…… wat a lovely movie and song. Weldone oluwabukunmi. I sooo much love you.

  4. Morenikeji Reply

    Wow! I wish you are a guy, can’t love you less my female crush…????????????????????

  5. Morenikeji Reply

    My love for you en, no be small thing I wish you are a guy… Nice one my female crush????????????????

  6. Bukunmi u are my joy
    Heart u scatter
    But I need d song u sang in girlfriend dat started wit eye adaba

  7. Yusuf Rukayat Olajumoke Reply

    I really love you with everything but can’t wait to see you physically

  8. I love everything about you Bukunml the way you sing the way you act your movies i wish I could see you one day i will be the happiest person on that day
    much love i have for you guys

  9. Olawale kemisola Reply

    Sis I luv u so much 1wanna b lk u accept my wish ##Bukunmi Oluwasina

  10. Itunuoluwa Reply

    I can’t just do without listening to bukunmi music because it is really emotional

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