Don’t Use Me As Cover-Up – Kaffy Issuing Warning To Male Friends Engaging In Infidelity

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Nigerian dancer, Kafayat Shafau better known as Kaffy has taken to social media to issue a stern warning to her male friends who engage in infidelity while using her presence as a smokescreen.

Don't Use Me As Cover-Up - Kaffy Issuing Warning To Male Friends Engaging In Infidelity

In a series of posts, Kaffy called out her male colleagues, acquaintances, and even family members for their deceptive behavior, emphasizing that such actions were disrespectful not only to her but also to their wives, with whom she may have developed a close relationship or shared meals.

Expressing her dissatisfaction, she wrote, “Please I don’t know if women do this too but my experience has been with my make friends, colleagues, or family member. If you want to cheat on your partner pls do it without involving me. It is total disrespect to me and your wife whom I am not likely to be close to or have been fed by for you to want to use me to do a cover-up.

Kaffy further emphasized her strong stance against such behavior, stating, “It’s the audacity for me! You already know my stand against such as much as I “may” not tell on you, you are at risk of me entering you that very instant.

“Don’t be calling your wife while you carry babe come dey call her “Kaffy is here” (as per the event or gathering?).. abeg so as I dey there I hold your third leg. Giving your partner false confidence that you not where you can misbehave!”.


Infidelity remains a widespread issue that often leads to the erosion of trust and the breakdown of relationships. Kaffy’s public admonition serves as a powerful reminder that cheating spouses should not involve others in their indiscretions, especially those they hold close to their hearts.

By issuing this warning, Kaffy hopes to deter individuals from misusing her presence as a shield for their unfaithful actions and protect the sanctity of committed relationships.

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