Donald Trump’s Daughter, Ivanka To Act As America’s First Lady In Place Of Her Mom


<p>Donald Trump's Daughter, Ivanka To Act As America's First Lady In Place Of Her Mom</p>

The daughter of the United States President-elect, Donald Trump, Ivanka, may fill in as the First Lady when his wife, Melania, is spending time in New York, The Sun of UK has reported. Melania has said she was planning to stay on in the city so her son, Barron, can finish his final year at a prestigious primary school, a statement that prompted speculation that Donald Trump’s daughter may step in for some of Melania’s duties in Washington, when the new president begins work in January.

Mr Trump has already showed that he is going to be an unorthodox president, indicating that he wants to remain as a producer on Celebrity Apprentice.

Reports also said that Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, had been house-hunting in Washington DC.
Mr Kushner is expected to have a key role in the Trump White House.

However, it hasn’t just been Mr Kushner that has been attending key meetings.

Ms Trump was in the room when her dad met with people from Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.
The last president to move into the White House without a first lady was Grover Cleveland, who was a bachelor until his marriage in 1886.

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