Dokun Olumofin Warns Against Kilishi Consumption

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London based Nigerian man, Dokun Olumofin shares strong warning against

Dokun Olumofin, brother to popular relationship doctor, Joro Olumfin, has just shared a photo of himself from a bed with a ‘strong’ warning.

Sharing details of his ailment Dokun wrote, ‘I reached the gate of , but God didn’t allow me to pass through. To all my living STAY AWAY from Kilishi. I repeat stay away from KILISHI. A word is enough for the wise. I thank God. Out of the hospital and kicking’.

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Killichi resulted in a chemical in my blood that shut down my hemoglobin. In arterial oxygen, my readings were under 60, in pulse reading in the 70s. I lost blood and had no flow of oxygen. Had to be transfused and needed support to breathe! I could not move, hardly knew what was going on around me. Doctors were confused, never seen anything like it. Eyes jaundiced etc. Honestly, I didn’t think I will make it’. Dokun Olumofin


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