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Do We Still Have Female Rappers In Nigeria?

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Do We Still Have Female Rappers In Nigeria?

In this fresh episode of hip hop in 5 minutes, Gida Hills and Blak Shapespear bring up a topic on the FemCees in the Nigeria scene. It’s believed that in this era when hip hop is really striving, the female rappers ought to be keeping up the game but as it appears, they seem to be in extinction.

Blak feels there is no one worthy to be called a rapper among the ladies parading themselves in the Nigerian music industry. Going further to mention the likes of Mz Kiss not making a top 1,000 list of FemCees.

Watch below I No Send You ft. Sasha, Muna, Eva, Blaise, Zee

Also giving kudos to the early Nigerian female rappers; Sasha P, Muna, Blaize and co. Eva Alordiah makes the good book of the discussion. Cynthia Morgan also got shoved in as a potential female rapper.

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