DigitalOcean Launches Serverless Product, Functions

Today, DigitalOcean announced its new product called Digital Ocean Functions, based upon the technology from Nimbella.

DigitalOcean Launches Serverless Product, Functions
DigitalOcean’s Functions

The most frugal cloud server offered by DigitalOcean has become very popular with developers, who have been asking for more function than can be done with servers.

Monroy explains that DigitalOcean’s serverless platform has been top of the requests from their customers. This is because it lets developers focus on the code rather than infrastructure management.

Serverless computing allows developers to write programs without having to set up infrastructure to run them. The cloud provider provisions whatever resources are required to run functions without being able to predict how many people will need them.

Functions is a programming framework Monroy offers, providing developers the ability to build serverless capabilities with the company’s APIs. The announcement today of Functions is starting with Jamstack because it is a simple way for developers to learn about building functions. “Serverless programming can be complex because of its event-driven programming model”, he said.

Serverless benefits of using API’s due to having a less learning curve for readers, as it’s a difficult concept to grasp and requires a lot of work. These are good point-of-use models because it allows developers to be productive quickly.

But Monroy says this isn’t an all or nothing proposition where you have to program the entire application with serverless functions.”A developer can run a Django application or Ruby on Rails application running in containers on our platform, and then supplement that with some function-oriented API’s running alongside that same application connecting to the same data stores that they need to.”

Monroy explained that the cost of automated provisioning is relatively straightforward. For example, they’ve designed their pricing model to eliminate requests and indications and make it easy for clients to calculate.

DigitalOcean Functions is generally available in all regions starting today.


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