Delta State Police Arrest Over 100 Suspects in Alleged Gay Wedding Crackdown

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Delta State Police Arrest Over 100 Suspects in Alleged Gay Wedding Crackdown
Over 100 Arrested in Hotel Gay Wedding Operation

In a significant development, the Delta State Police Command has apprehended a staggering number of over 100 individuals suspected of participating in a purported gay wedding ceremony held within a hotel premises situated in the state. The arrests, carried out under the umbrella of the anti-gay legislation, mark another instance of stringent enforcement of anti-LGBTQ laws within the nation.

The State Police authorities unveiled the operation via their official Facebook page, where they highlighted their swift action against the alleged gathering. A detailed parade of the apprehended individuals is scheduled to be broadcasted live on the same platform in the coming hours, further underscoring the gravity of the situation.

In a statement, the Delta State Command declared, “Delta State Command has apprehended over a hundred individuals suspected of participating in a gay wedding ceremony at a hotel. We are preparing to share a live broadcast on Facebook, exhibiting the aforementioned suspects.”

This occurrence follows a series of similar incidents that have transpired since the enactment of the anti-gay law in 2014. The legislation has emboldened security forces to clamp down on individuals associated with homosexuality, leading to their public identification and detention.

Notably, the crackdown on homosexual activities has had prior instances of law enforcement intervention. On December 31, 2021, law enforcement officials initiated a raid on a concealed brothel located in Isolo, Lagos, which resulted in the arrest of multiple individuals believed to be involved in homosexual activities.

Moreover, the year 2022 witnessed another incident in Kano, where 19 young people were apprehended for their alleged attendance at a gathering suspected to be a same-sex wedding event. The incident further illuminated the complex social and legal dynamics surrounding LGBTQ rights within the country.

The recent arrest of over 100 individuals involved in the alleged gay wedding ceremony in Delta State serves as a reminder of the ongoing battle between LGBTQ rights advocates and the strict enforcement of anti-gay laws. This incident is expected to spark renewed discussions about human rights, personal freedoms, and the role of the law in shaping societal norms.

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