COVID-19 Patient Who Fled Isolation Centre ‘Infects Workers’ At Plateau Hospital

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A patient who fled from one of the isolation centres in has reportedly infected some staff of a private hospital in the state.

After fleeing from the isolation centre, the patient allegedly went to the hospital but denied having symptoms of the coronavirus disease.

One of the health workers at the hospital said that the patient, on getting to the hospital, denied having any symptoms of the disease and having been in contact with any COVID -19 patient.

The patient was said to have been admitted for two days at the hospital before the truth was discovered.

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The source reportedly said that further tests carried out showed that some staff of the hospital were also positive for the disease.

“A COVID-19 patient absconded from one of the state hospitals and came to us for treatment for an unrelated illness,” the health worker was quoted to have said.

“The patient denied any history of contact with a COVID-19 patient as well as any history of symptoms suggestive of COVID-19.

“The patient was managed for two days in our facility before we discovered the true state of affairs from the state ministry of health.

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“The patient was immediately evacuated by the ministry of health officials to the isolation facility and the hospital fumigated.

“Screening of primary and secondary contacts revealed that a number of our staff were also positive for the virus. They are also being attended to by the state ministry of health officials.

“In line with the state protocols, the hospital services have been suspended for two weeks and the entire facility closed for fumigation.

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“We hope to resume normal services to the general public immediately after the expiration of the mandatory two weeks.”

The state has confirmed 168 cases of the disease.

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