COVID-19: NYSC Members in Akwa Ibom Develop an Automated Disinfection Chamber

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COVID-19: NYSC Members in Akwa Ibom Develop an Automated Disinfection Chamber
Invention and creativity has been the major difference between Africa and the rest of the world. But sadly, in Africa we have failed several times in appreciating our own products and inventions and due to the fact that we don’t appreciate it, the western world will continue to underrate anything from this part of the world. The recent development from Madagascar is an eye opening example.

Just two weeks ago, a group of Corps Members Serving in embarked on an extraordinary project which is an automated disinfection chamber. This idea came due to the fact that we have been able to sanitize our hands, wear face masks but we have not asked our selves this question on how do we get rid of any infection on our head and clothes.

So they decided to embark on this project and by the grace of God it was completed and lunched just yesterday at the federal Secretariat Akwa Ibom State under the watch of the State Coordinator Mr Amusan O.J, Zonal Inspector Mr Rotimi Abiodun and the Uyo NYSC Local Government Inspector Mrs Gloria Awashi.

After the inauguration, the State coordinator was full of praise for this wonderful efforts and idears of these industrious and hard-working group of Corps Members. The people of Akwa Ibom State and the staff who were present at the occasion were astonished. Some even said that the don’t believe that Corps Members of nowadays can still think and embark on such tidious project.

According to them, the automated disinfection chamber works like this, it is installed at the entrance of any building, when you pass through it like you always pass through bank sensor doors, the sensor will detect you and instantly the disinfectant will come down on you and sanitize the whole of your body before you go in.

The wonderful Corps Members who embarked and accomplished this project are Okoye Chisom Macmanus Florence karmar Moses Wisdom Tom Good news Omoyemi, Adetifa Oche Mgbede Jerome Tayo Gift Agoro. They are now calling on the NYSC , State Government, Federal Government, private sectors to help them in accomplishing their dreams and plans on this project and other projects they have in plans which will help move this country to the next level.

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