Comedian AY Breaks Silence As Fire Guts His Lagos House

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Renowned Nigerian comedian Ayodeji Makun, popularly known as AY, has finally spoken up following a devastating fire that reportedly engulfed his mansion in Lagos.

Comedian AY Breaks Silence As Fire Guts His Lagos House
Ayo Makun

News of the fire incident spread like wildfire on social media, with reports indicating that the luxurious home of the beloved socialite was consumed by the blaze, resulting in the destruction of several valuable properties worth millions.

Concerns immediately mounted among fans and well-wishers about the safety of AY and his family members, given the magnitude of the inferno.

However, it has been revealed that the comedian’s wife and children were fortunately not present at the time of the incident, as they were on a vacation overseas.

AY, taking to his official Instagram page, expressed gratitude to God for the safety of his family and emphasized the paramount importance of their well-being. He reflected on the transient nature of material possessions, stating that family and faith are the pillars that truly matter in life.

In his heartfelt message, the comedian wrote, “Family and God – that is what’s important. Everything else comes and goes. Can’t wait to join you guys in the US in a few days.”

The cause of the fire outbreak is still shrouded in mystery, leaving fans curious and eager to uncover the truth behind the unfortunate incident that befell the popular comedian’s cherished abode.

As the nation awaits further details on the investigation, the outpouring of support and concern from fans and colleagues has been overwhelming. Many have sent messages of solace and encouragement to AY during this challenging period.

Comedian AY Breaks Silence As Fire Guts His Lagos House

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