Colombian Plane Crash: Bible Belonging To Survivor Recovered, What They Found In It Is Amazing

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<p><strong>Colombian Plane Crash:</strong> Bible Belonging To Survivor Recovered, What They Found In It Is Amazing</p>

A new discovery has been made at the site of the plane crash that killed many Brazilian footballers and it has left many people stunned.

A new video footage has emerged showing the moment a Bible belonging to one of the Colombia plane crash footballers was found.

The Bible has now been handed to his wife as he fights for his life in hospital.

The bible was found with amazing words he marked shortly before the crash.

According to Daily Star UK, centre back Helio Neto, who had previously told his wife he had dreamed about the plane crashing, is apparently deeply religious and takes the Bible with him everywhere.

<p><strong>Colombian Plane Crash:</strong> Bible Belonging To Survivor Recovered, What They Found In It Is Amazing</p>

He was one of only six people who survived the crash which killed 71.

And now he has been reunited with his Bible after it was found in the wreckage by a reporter filming the scene, and who was shocked when he opened it and realised what was on the last page that the defender had been reading.

The bookmark had been inserted next to Psalm 63, which talks about being safe in the shadow of God’s wings and about thinking of God in bed.

In detail it says: “On my bed I remember you; I think of you through the watches of the night; Because you have been my help; Then I will rejoice in the shadow of your wings. My soul follows you closely; Your right hand upholds me.”

The reporter can be seen visibly shaking as he realises what it is. He reads with a shaky voice the name that is printed on the inside of the cover, as behind him we can see the wreckage of the crash.
Mangled parts of the plane can be seen in the background and show how bad the impact must have been.

Cabrini is later seen taking the bible to the wife of Neto, who smiles sadly as she realises what she is being given.

Neto’s condition has been described as “delicate” by doctors who said they regularly have to “stabilise” him as he has a “serious pulmonary infection.”

His wife, Simone, said Neto has a lot of faith in God and takes the bible with him on all his trips.
Simone had previously told how her husband had told her on the morning of the flight that he had had a dream it had crashed.

As she received the book, Simone said: “It’s the first thing he takes when he travels, and here are his annotations, I’m very grateful to have it back.”

Neto has so far undergone extensive surgery on his lungs, skull, knees and wrists. His family say they hope he will make a full recovery.

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