Club Shooting: No Way Burna Boy Spoke To Another Man’s Lady – Dj Obi

Dj obi insisted that the married woman lied against Burna Boy, there was no way Burna boy could have talked to another man's lady.

took to his Instagram page to write what he feels about the whole situation saying is so tight and the only case where the boys would have to bring out their gun is when there is a threat to their life.

Club Shooting: No Way Burna Boy Spoke To Another Man's Lady - Dj Obi
Dj Obi

Obinna Levi Ajuonuma, professionally known as DJ Obi, is a Nigerian disc jockey and Syndik8 Record’s official DJ.

He insisted that the married woman lied against Burna Boy.

Recall that and his boys were accused of the lady’s husband and their friend at  Club Cubana.

The lady took to her Instagram page to narrate how her partner and their friend got shot after she had refused ’s advances, with videos as evidence.

I don wake this morning!

P/s: Why do you have sooooo many snaps of him before he “tried” to talk to you 3 times???

When I heard this story of Odogwu having such high interest in this person, I just had to go search for myself to see the woman because she must be the sexiest female on the planet. THREE TIMES?!! I said wow, Unicorns do exists. This babe must be hotter than steff. So I went digging. BOYYYYYYY😂😂😂 stop playing.

FYI : Burna security is so highly trained, the only reason a gun would have come out is if there was a threat to his life or theirs. So that leads me to ask, Who threw the first bottle?? And why?

I end by saying AFTER GOD! Fear woman. Stay safe out there my brothers. If you are ever going to come for someone of this caliber, your story has to be airtight. And that’s on LOVE DAMINI ✍🏿. He wrote.

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