Cherubim Church Pastor, Boyfriend Sentenced for Killing LASU Student, Mother Guilty of Cannibalism

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Cherubim Church Pastor, Boyfriend Sentenced for Killing LASU Student, Mother Guilty of Cannibalism
herubim Church Pastor, Boyfriend Sentenced to Death for Murder of LASU Student, Mother Convicted for Cannibalism

In a shocking turn of events, Justice Christiana Obadina of the Osun State High Court in Ikire has handed down a death sentence to Pastor Philip Segun, the spiritual leader of Cherubim Church, Solution Chapel in Ikoyi-Ile, over his involvement in the brutal killing of Favour Daley-Oladele, a final year Sociology student at Lagos State University (LASU). The court has also condemned Owolabi Adeeko, Favour’s boyfriend, to death by hanging for his active participation in the heinous crime, while Owolabi’s mother, Bola Adeeko, was convicted for her involvement in cannibalism.

The tragic events unfolded when Owolabi, aged 23, deceived Favour into visiting him in Ikire under false pretenses, claiming she should meet his uncle. Unbeknownst to Favour, Owolabi, his mother, and Prophet Segun had conspired to use her in a money ritual. Having dated for only a month, Favour’s trust in Owolabi led her to embark on the ill-fated journey.

On December 8, 2019, Favour met her untimely demise within the confines of the church premises. Owolabi struck her on the head with a pestle, ending her life. Her organs were subsequently harvested for ritual purposes, and her remains were buried in a shallow grave located outside the church.

Following the arrest of the culprits, the police exhumed Favour’s body weeks later. The convicted individuals, who confessed to their crimes, were initially arraigned on November 15, 2021, facing charges of conspiracy and murder.

During the trial, the prosecution team from the Ministry of Justice, led by Mrs. Adekemi Bello, presented a compelling case, calling upon nine witnesses, including the investigating police officer. Additionally, several exhibits were tendered before the court. In contrast, the convicts chose not to present any witnesses in their defense, opting to testify individually.

In delivering the verdict, Justice Obadina expressed her satisfaction with the prosecution’s diligent efforts in proving the guilt of Prophet Philip Segun and Owolabi Adeeko beyond a reasonable doubt, charging them with murder and conspiracy. Bola Adeeko, on the other hand, was convicted for her involvement in the repugnant act of cannibalism, which is strictly prohibited by law.

In a plea for mercy, the defense counsel, Adeshina Olaniyan, implored the court to consider a less severe punishment. However, the court remained resolute in delivering justice.

Consequently, Prophet Philip Segun and Owolabi Adeeko were sentenced to death by hanging for their roles in the murder, with an additional 14-year imprisonment term for conspiracy. Bola Adeeko received a two-year prison sentence for her participation in the act of cannibalism.

It is worth noting that Owolabi, upon his arrest, disclosed the macabre details of how he coerced his girlfriend into preparing a ritualistic meal known as “victory soup” for himself and his mother, as part of their quest for wealth.

This landmark ruling serves as a stern warning against heinous crimes and ensures that justice is served for the innocent life that was ruthlessly taken away. The sentencing aims to deter potential perpetrators and protect society from such acts of violence and exploitation.

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