Caroline Danjuma Announces Social Media Break For Personal Growth, Reflection

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Nollywood actress, Caroline Danjuma has decided to step back from social media and focus on herself.

Caroline Danjuma Announces Social Media Break For Personal Growth, Reflection
Caroline Danjuma

The celebrity shared the news on her Instagram, where she welcomed her followers to the new year and announced her plans for self-care and personal growth.

In her post, Caroline shared that she will be using this time to focus on personal growth, skill acquisition, and improving herself. She also expressed gratitude for her fans’ support and love and stated that when she returns, she hopes to share her successes and testimonials. Lastly, she encouraged her followers to be strategically positioned in the new year and to aim for success with no other options.

According to Caroline, this is a yearly routine that she engages in, and in the past, she would delete her account entirely. However, she has now learned to take a break without fully disconnecting.

It’s not uncommon for celebrities to take social media breaks to focus on their mental and emotional well-being. Many have found it to be an important step in maintaining their sanity and avoiding burnout.

She wrote, “Hi my darlings, I hope the year started with lots of goodness and blessings.

Personally, I am taking a long break from social media…this is a year to focus, on personal growth, skill acquisition, and perfecting. More certificates….thanks for all your love and support…

Hopefully, when am back, we will share our testimonies and success stories…

Be strategically positioned this have to be successful there is no other option… Lots of love… Bless.

I used to delete my account then now I have learned to just zone out without deleting it. As you know I often do this a lot to create time for ME…see you soon ad always remember God loves you beyond understanding.”

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