Caramel Plugg Arrests Vendor Who Called Her Out For Dress Credit

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Popular social media influencer, Caramel Plugg, has found herself embroiled in controversy after allegedly orchestrating the arrest of an online vendor who called her out for not giving due credit in a viral video.

Caramel Plugg Arrests Vendor Who Called Her Out For Dress Credit
Caramel Plug

The incident revolves around a dispute over free clothes that the vendor had provided to the influencer, expecting acknowledgment in return.

According to reports, the vendor had generously offered free clothes to Caramel Plugg, with the expectation that she would tag and promote the brand on her influential social media platforms.

However, it came to light that the influencer failed to give credit to the vendor and instead promoted a different brand. This triggered the vendor to take to social media to express her frustration, which ultimately led to the arrest.

Eyewitnesses have recounted that the influencer, accompanied by police officers, stormed the location of the vendor to effect the arrest. Allegedly, the policemen disguised themselves in plain clothes and approached the vendor, pretending to be admirers wanting to gift her something.

Seizing the opportunity, Caramel Plugg allegedly instructed the officers to apprehend the vendor and prevent her from making any SOS calls.

Twitter user @ManlikeIcey shared the unfolding events, detailing that Caramel Plugg demanded an apology from the vendor before agreeing to release her from custody. The influencer reportedly maintained that the vendor should acknowledge her mistake publicly before she intervenes on her behalf.

The Twitter user wrote, “Caramel used police to arrest the vendor who called her out a few days ago over the free cloth issue, she said the policemen came in disguise to give her a gift in a tinted vehicle, you can see Caramel in the first frame.

“She said was about to make a call then Caramel told the policemen to bundle her inside the car and not let her use her phone, she has been in Maroko Station, Lagos since yesterday up till now. She said Caramel wants her to beg before she tells the police to release her, imagine…” The vendor has vowed not to beg. She also mentioned they asked her for a settlement but she refused to drop.

The situation has triggered a wave of backlash against Caramel Plugg, with many social media users criticizing her actions as an abuse of power and an attempt to silence legitimate criticism. They argue that using the police to settle a personal dispute is unacceptable and sets a dangerous precedent.

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