Breaking News: France International Pleads Guilty To Two Counts of Animal Physical Abuse

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West Ham defender Kurt Zouma has pleaded guilty to two counts of unnecessary brutal behaviour towards his cat after a viral video emerged of Zouma kicking his pet, a cat while his brother watched. 

Breaking News: France International Pleads Guilty To Two Counts of Animal Physical Abuse
Kurt Zouma pleads guilty to two counts of animal brutality

Zouma violated the Animal Act in Great Britain by committing the offence of kicking his cat multiple times and the incident sparked a huge outcry from tens of thousands around the world. Zouma had been arrested previously for the offence and had been released on bail a few months back. However, with the Premier League season coming to a close, Zouma is now in the hands of the law as he has just arrived at Thames Court in London.

There have been mixed feelings about Kurt Zouma and how he has been treated in the last few months following the incident. The defender was also temporarily suspended by the France Football Federation and will not partake in international duties like training and matches with Les Blues until further notice.

The 29-year-old has been heavily criticized by many who believe he should serve a jail term for his atrocity and that it will serve as a lesson to others who have done similarly in the past. A good number of others believe that Zouma is not being fairly treated and the general thought is that it should be a minor issue compared to very pressing and heart-wrenching societal problems that such people face such as racism and sexual abuse. Their conclusion is he could be fined but not be dragged to court let alone serve a jail sentence.

As it stands, he may be facing up to four years in prison over the kicking of his pet and this has led many to stage an online protest against the UK government, which they claim is not doing enough to combat racism and other socio-cultural vices around the country.

Kurt Zouma’s brother is also indicted in the affair and though his punishment is thought to be lower, he may also face heavy charges regarding the fateful incident that occurred in February. Kurt Zouma was fined a quarter of a million pounds(£250k) by West Ham and his sponsorship with his outfitter was canceled immediately after the video was released.

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