Boosie Badazz Alleges YG Copied His Lyrics, Seeks Credit and Compensation

Renowned rapper Boosie Badazz has recently stirred the music industry by accusing fellow artist YG of using his lyrics without permission. In a candid post on Instagram, the Baton Rouge native claimed that YG’s collaboration with Drake, “Who Do You Love?”, closely mirrors his own 2009 track of the same name.

Boosie Badazz Alleges YG Copied His Lyrics, Seeks Credit and Compensation
Boosie Badazz

The controversy centers around YG’s song, a part of his 2014 album ‘My Krazy Life’. Boosie Badazz expressed his concerns by juxtaposing snippets of both songs on social media, urging YG to address the issue directly. However, YG has not publicly responded to these allegations yet.

Interestingly, YG had previously acknowledged in a Genius annotation that the chorus of “Who Do You Love?” was inspired by Boosie Badazz’s work. Despite this, the chart-topping single, produced by Mustard, has garnered significant success, including a peak position on the Billboard Hot 100.

Boosie Badazz’s grievance extends beyond YG. He has voiced his intentions to pursue legal action against other artists, including Rod Wave and Kodak Black, for similarly using his music without proper authorization. In a recent Instagram Live session, he emphasized the widespread unauthorized use of his music, stating that legal papers are being prepared.

While Boosie appreciates the homage paid to his work, he stresses the importance of fair compensation and recognition in the industry. “I ain’t mad about people borrowing my music, but I just want to be paid what I deserve,” he remarked, highlighting his desire for both writing credits and a share of the publishing rights.

Rod Wave, one of the artists mentioned by Boosie, responded promptly, expressing his willingness to resolve the matter amicably. He assured Boosie of his respect and readiness to negotiate a fair settlement, indicating a preference for a personal discussion over legal proceedings.

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