Boko Haram Renews Pledge to Reclaim Territories and Warns of Attacks in New Video

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Boko Haram Renews Pledge to Reclaim Territories and Warns of Attacks in New Video
Boko Haram’s Alarming Declaration

In a startling turn of events, Boko Haram, the militant extremist group, has issued a renewed threat to recapture territories previously taken back by Nigerian troops. Renowned security analyst and counter-insurgency expert for the Lake Chad region, Zagazola Makama, disclosed this development in a video that was shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, yesterday.

The extremist faction also warned of impending attacks on the Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF), a group colloquially referred to as “Yan Red Cross.” Boko Haram accused the CJTF of collaborating with the Nigerian military to launch offensive operations against them within their strongholds.

In a video message delivered in the Hausa language, a heavily armed terrorist asserted, “We declare with unwavering determination that we are back in full force to reclaim all the territories that were lost to infidels. To you, Red Cross, you might feel victorious because they armed you; however, understand that you cannot prevail against Islam. Our strength lies in the supremacy of Allah, and through His power, we shall emerge victorious.”

Meanwhile, Abbas Tajudeen, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, has strongly condemned the recent violence in the Kofar Gayan area of Zaria, located in Kaduna State. Armed bandits attacked the area on Saturday night, resulting in the tragic deaths of two individuals. The bandits also attempted to abduct several others during the assault.

Expressing his concerns, Speaker Abbas stated, “The lives of all Nigerians, regardless of their location, must be safeguarded. This underscores the imperative for security operatives to enhance their efforts in protecting lives and property.” The Speaker lamented the unfortunate timing of the attack, which occurred shortly after the collapse of sections of the Zaria Central Mosque, resulting in numerous fatalities.

Abbas, who serves as the representative of the Zaria Federal Constituency, has called for a thorough investigation into the heinous act to identify those responsible.

In another development, the Democracy Watch Initiative (DWI) has urged the Federal Government to declare a state of emergency in Zamfara State in a bid to quell the escalating wave of kidnappings and killings. This coalition of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) is dedicated to promoting good governance throughout Northern Nigeria.

In a statement released in Kaduna, Muhammad Sanusi, the Coordinator of DWI, expressed profound concern over the worsening security situation in Zamfara over the past two months. Sanusi noted the growing audacity of bandits who have unleashed violence unchecked, leading to horrifying incidents such as the rape of women and children, displacement of communities, abductions for ransom, and tragic loss of life.

The coalition emphasized, “Since June this year, the brazen frequency of violent acts by marauding bandits has escalated dramatically. Communities are in turmoil, citizens are enduring unimaginable trauma, and innocent lives are being lost daily.” The DWI called for swift and decisive action from the government to restore peace and security in Zamfara State.

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