Did Big Sean And Jhene Aiko Just Break Up?

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jhene-aiko-big-sean.jpg”>Did Big Sean And Jhene Aiko Just Break Up?

The love relationship between Big Sean and Jhene Aiko might have hit the rocks following the couple’s recent moves.

Big Sean and Jhene Aiko unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Earlier this year, there were rumours that they had broken up due to Big Sean’s disloyalty in the relationship but later on both sides came to shut this the rumours down that all was still well between both of them.

However, when the couple consistently continues to suggest that things are not all perfect in their relationship, there is definitely grounds for speculation. From the looks of Jhené’s Instagram story, the two have possibly split and, if not, she is definitely being sneaky about something.

In three separate additions to her IG story, the singer showed a woman getting a tattoo, writing, “Realizing ALL things are temporary, i rejoice in this moment-aiko,” before posting a text-based image saying, “cheers to old beginnings and new endings.” The final post reads, “its never ever too late to edit.” After doing some investigation, it appears as though the two no longer follow each other on the social medium, hinting further at a possible break-up. Neither Jhené or Sean have outwardly spoken about the possibility of a break-up between them thus far.

If a split has indeed taken place, we’re certain that details will eventually make their way out. For the time being, we hope everything is well in their relationship and that everybody is simply overreacting.

Did Big Sean And Jhene Aiko Just Break Up?

Did Big Sean And Jhene Aiko Just Break Up?

Did Big Sean And Jhene Aiko Just Break Up?

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