‘Benefit Boys’: What You Don’t Know About The Boys Trending On Social Media

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The Benefit Boys are getting lots of buzz on the internet
The are getting lots of buzz on the internet

The group of individuals known as the Benefit Boys is the number one topic on Twitter. But who are they and why are they generating so much buzz?

The Benefit Boys are said to be secondary school students who joined the notorious group of internet fraudsters called Yahoo Boys during the height of the COVID-19 lockdown.

The boys are presently in the spotlight at the moment because they have resumed for their final exams, showing off their lavish lifestyle.

The Benefit Boys are getting lots of buzz on the internet

In one of the videos shared online, the boys are seen cruising around in a car, accompanied by their headmistress and teacher (who appear to be having a nice time with the gang).

The Benefit Boys’ attention has been drawn to the comments being made about them and reacting in another video, say that they are only comedians and do not answer to the name that they are being associated with.

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While there is evidence to tag the boys as internet fraudsters, they haven’t exactly proved that they are not who the public sees them to be.

One thing is for sure; the internet seems to be enjoying the antics of these youngsters who may have opened the door to fame in the country.

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