BBNaija: Why Brands Refused To Sign Dorathy – Seyi

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In a startling twist, Big Brother Naija housemate Seyi has brought to light the significant factor behind brands shying away from collaborating with Dorathy Bachor, a notable participant from the lockdown season.

BBNaija: Why Brands Refused To Sign Dorathy - Seyi

This revelation was made during a candid conversation on Sunday night with fellow housemates Adekunle, Frodd, and Venita.

Seyi, known for his frank demeanor, did not mince his words as he delved into the core of the issue. According to him, most brands do not want to be associated with Dorathy because of her sexual act during her season with her fellow housemate, Brighto.

BBNaija: Why Brands Refused To Sign Dorathy - Seyi

Elaborating on this point, Seyi asserted that no reputable brand would be eager to associate themselves with an individual who had openly discussed such intimate matters on a national television platform.

During the discussion, Seyi invoked the memory of a telling moment during the reunion show. “Una baby girl with the chest, what do you think happened after that reunion?” he questioned, sparking a dialogue among the group.

Venita, perplexed by the reference, responded with a hesitant, “I don’t know.”

Seyi, undeterred, pressed on. “Did anybody know that anybody tested the microphone in their season?” he inquired, directing the focus to a pivotal incident.

Curiosity piqued, Frodd inquired further, “Which baby girl with the chest?”

Seyi left no room for ambiguity as he identified the subject of discussion. “Dorathy. Na she talk say she test Lord Baelish microphone by herself. After that statement she made, what happened to her? How many brands want to associate with that?”

Meanwhile, an interesting dynamic played out during the first live eviction, adding another layer to the narrative.

Dorathy, a member of the Jury, had participated in saving Seyi from eviction, showcasing an intricate web of connections and alliances that often define the Big Brother experience.

It would be recalled that Dorathy had publicly admitted to engaging in oral intimacy with Brighto during the Big Brother Naija reunion show. Shedding light on her rationale, she attributed her actions to her fondness for Brighto and a desire to extricate herself from a complex romantic triangle involving Nengi and Ozo.

“The period I gave Brighto a blow job was the time I wanted to remove myself from the Ozo and Nengi situation,” Dorathy candidly revealed. “At the time, Prince, who was my friend, was also trying to mend things with Tolanibaj, and I didn’t want to intrude. There was just me and Brighto, and I just used that opportunity. I actually used him as a distraction,” she added.

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