‘Bayo Osinowo Set To Launch Book, “Nuggets For Frugal Living”


“Nuggets For Frugal Living” written by Bayo Osinowo is a book to look out for. One with an aim to help its readers; find the secret of how to live a total, fulfilling life and Being frugal is possible and attainable.  “The art is not in making money, but in keeping it.”

Saving up for a rainy day, putting your money to work and multiplying it is a wise thing to do. By sowing frugality we reap liberty, a golden harvest.

Out to hit the shelves soon, it is a must read. This is truly worth anticipating.

'Bayo Osinowo Set To Launch Book, "Nuggets For Frugal Living”


An unusual matter can only be resolved in an unusual manner just as you cannot be leading your life in the same way and yet expect a different success story. This caplet is a compressed guide to financial stability for both the beginners and those already living a seeming financial stable lifestyle as it gives you reasons to reappraise your disciplinary sense in all of your income and budgeting trips, more so in the current economic reality. Frugal living is about living smarter, so that you can afford to live the life that you want to live. By sowing frugality we reap liberty, a golden harvest.

A constant flip into the nuggets could save you from terrible and avoidable financial drowns just as it can guide you towards a breakthrough in your investment and savings plan. It’s short and precise with the message we all need for a happier living and successful financial planning.

'Bayo Osinowo Set To Launch Book, "Nuggets For Frugal Living”


BAYO OSINOWO is a bible scholar, dedicated minister and reformer. He is the Founder/ President of Divine Impact Networks (Worldwide). He is a youth whose message has brought the reality of living a purposeful life to the hearts of many. People have been affected by his online blogs, outreaches, daily nuggets on twitter and journals. He studied Management and Computer Studies in Wisconsin International University College, Ghana and married to his best friend Doyin Osinowo.

Facebook, Instagram & Twitter: @BayoNuggets


Reading this book has been quite refreshing and insightful. The steps to take are clear and succinct. If properly followed, success awaits at the other end. I sincerely recommend the book to everyone planning for financial freedom.

Sir (Professor) Olugbenro Joshua Osinowo , KSM.

Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon,

Niger Delta University, Wilberforce Island, Bayelsa State, Nigeria.


Simple yet invaluable nuggets based on invaluable truths. Bayo dishes very practical and a straightforward guide to financial success. This book is for everybody. I highly recommend it.

Fola Filani

Lawyer, Lagos State, Nigeria.

It is recommended for all positive and forward looking individuals, young and upcoming couples building homes or personal business and especially for adults with challenges in financial stability and money management. Its shortness and precise content make it an interesting and unputdownable whilst reading.

Allan Olufade.

Leadway Assurance Co Limited, Abuja, Nigeria

The book encourages financial and budgetary discipline, and touches on vital lessons needed by both young and older people. While reading the book, I have picked up vital lessons on budgeting, spending wisely, investing and planning as well as the importance of saving money. I recommend this book to students, those who have just started-off in their career, and even to those who have ‘been there and done that.’ This book should inspire your journey!

Dr Dipo Awojide

Lecturer in Strategy,

Nottingham Business School (UK) 

I couldn’t but pick a couple of Frugal  Nuggets when I first read through the manuscript of this great book. The need to apply frugality in finances cannot be overemphasized in a globally challenging world. What could inspire a young man to write about a serious and very important issue, when the mantra of his generation is ‘spend, spend more, spend, spend and spend…..’ It is pointer to the leadership traits of the Author. It is my belief that Nuggets For Frugal Living would be a useful resource material for students in secondary and post secondary schools. This is the most ideal time to cultivate a frugal culture and life style and learn financial discipline.

The Author adds another feather to his literary cap and I congratulate him for this straight-to-the-point, say-it-like-you-mean-it book of reading.

Oluneye Oluwole
Executive Director
African Hub International
Lagos, Nigeria

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