Asake’s Path in the Music Industry, as Revealed by TG Omori

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Asake's Path in the Music Industry, as Revealed by TG Omori
Unveiling Asake’s Journey

Renowned Nigerian music video director ThankGod Omori Jesam, better known by his moniker TG Omori, has recently opened up about the challenges faced by emerging artist Asake in his early days. TG Omori, often affectionately referred to as “Boy Director,” has gained fame for his exceptional music video direction. Notably, he has spearheaded visuals for Asake’s tracks such as “Sungba,” “Organise,” and “Joha.”

During a candid discussion on the latest episode of the Zero Conditions podcast, TG Omori provided insight into his past interactions with Asake before the artist gained widespread recognition. Recounting their initial encounter, TG Omori reminisced, “The first time I ever crossed paths with Asake was at the Intercontinental. Upon hearing one of his songs, I encouraged him to come meet me. Even prior to Olamide signing him, I had been familiar with him through Instagram.”

“We exchanged messages on Instagram, and I assured him that when the opportune moment arrived, we would collaborate on a music video,” TG Omori elaborated, underlining their budding professional relationship.

He continued, “One day, I spontaneously asked him to meet me at the Intercontinental. When we connected, we vibed and simply enjoyed each other’s company. That’s when I threw down a challenge for him – I suggested he secure funding amounting to N5 million approximately three years ago. I proposed that if he managed to acquire the funds, we would collaborate on a project together.”

TG Omori further revealed that Asake expressed eagerness to take up the challenge and promised to source the stipulated sum. Regrettably, the expected collaboration never came to fruition, as Asake did not return after their initial conversation regarding the financial aspect of the endeavor.

The revelations shared by TG Omori shed light on the intricate journey of an aspiring artist, offering a glimpse into the hurdles faced by even those with immense talent. Asake’s story, as revealed through TG Omori’s account, is a testament to the resilience demanded of individuals navigating the competitive Nigerian music industry.

TG Omori, renowned for his distinctive visual storytelling techniques, continues to be a sought-after director in the music scene. His transparency about the challenges faced by emerging artists like Asake underscores the broader narrative of struggle and triumph that characterizes the journey to stardom in the dynamic landscape of Nigerian music.

The detailed account provided by TG Omori on the Zero Conditions podcast serves as a valuable testament to the multifaceted experiences that shape the careers of budding artists in the music industry. It stands as a reminder that behind every polished music video lies a tapestry of dedication, setbacks, and ultimately, the determination to succeed.

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