Any Woman That Questions The Husband’s Position Is Demonic – Faith Oyedepo

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Any Woman That Questions The Husband's Position Is Demonic - Faith Oyedepo
Faith Oyedepo

Faith Oyedepo, the wife of the founder of Faith Tabernacle aka Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo has further weighed into her husband’s stand on feminism.

According to the Bishop’s wife, any attempt to question the position of the husband in the family should be regarded as demonic.

Read her comment below:

”Any woman or women’s organization that attempts to question the position of the man in the family should be regarded as being under a demonic influence. God expects that just as the Church is subject to Christ in everything, even so, women should be in subjection to their husbands in everything.”

In her message titled, “IMPORTANCE OF A RIGHT ATTITUDE”, Mrs Oyedepo expatiates further:

Read full message:

The building or destruction of any family is dependent on the woman of the home. As a woman with purpose, walking with a minister in God’s vineyard, you should be a co-builder of his ministry; not pulling it down with your character. Attitude is a very strong force; it controls almost everything in a man’s life.

Someone made an analogy that if A represents 1 and Z represents 26, adding up the numbers which make up attitude (that is, a=1 + t=20 and so on), will add up to 100. He came to the conclusion that your attitude represents 100% of you. That means, it sums up everything about you. It defines your life, what you stand for, what you would achieve and what becomes of you at the end. If you sit back to analyse how much has been attracted to you, good or bad, you will realise that your attitude has been one major influence as to why.

This represents the way you think, act, and interpret situations and circumstances around you. As a minister’s wife, you must possess the right attitude towards your husband, your family, the ministry, the brethren and the church of Christ at large. This position sets you as a role model to others, who would watch you to either imitate or criticise you. So, you must cultivate godly virtues that would enhance your ministry.

Attitudes like anger, hatred, malice, bitterness, strife, sulkiness, favouritism and covetousness should be laid aside, while you look on fully for the fruits of the Spirit. You are to be a source of joy to many, a life spring, comfort to your husband and an attraction to your ministry. So, let your attitude speak louder than your words.

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