Anita Joseph Offers Advice, Shares Secret To Successful Marriage

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Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph, has shared her advice on how to make marriage sweet and long-lasting.

Anita Joseph Offers Advice, Shares Secret To Successful Marriage  She took to her Instagram page where she stated that marriage can be a beautiful thing, but only if you are with the right person.

According to her, love alone is not enough to sustain a marriage, and it’s important to put in the work to make it successful. She also emphasized that it’s not just the woman’s job to make a marriage work and that both partners must work together to balance and strengthen the relationship.

Anita advised that if one is not ready to put in the work required for a successful marriage, it’s better to stay single. She emphasized that marriage is not something to be entered into lightly and that both partners should be fully committed to making it work.

She wrote, “Marriage is sweet
Marriage is beautiful with the right person
Even with the right person Love is still not enough
Marriage is like a School you do not graduate from, sometimes you even fail
I often tell people, if you want to be married and stay married
You must put in the Work for it to work
Note, it’s not the woman’s job alone
the man has a lot to play here
Two of you must work together to balance it
Sis /bro if you ain’t ready to put in work please, just stick with your ARABANKO ????


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