Anambra Police Command Cracks Down on Spreading of Fake News on Social Media

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Anambra Police Command Cracks Down on Spreading of Fake News on Social Media
Anambra Police Vows to Stop Dissemination of Fake News on Social Media

The Anambra State Police Command has declared its intention to pursue individuals involved in disseminating false information on social media platforms regarding the security situation in the state. DSP Tochukwu Ikenga, the spokesperson for the command, made this announcement in an interview with The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday, emphasizing the need to put an end to the disruptive activities of these culprits.

According to Ikenga, the primary targets of their investigation will be those who share fabricated security alerts and messages that undermine the peace and hinder the smooth operation of businesses within the state. He further revealed that these mischievous elements have been circulating doctored old videos of security incidents with the aim of instilling panic among the residents. Such actions, he stressed, are utterly unacceptable.

“We consider this a direct attack on public safety, and it is our duty to resist it,” Ikenga affirmed. He reassured the public that the police command has significantly enhanced security measures and surveillance throughout the state, asserting, “We take our responsibility to protect lives and properties very seriously, and we will never take it for granted.”

The spokesperson proudly highlighted the confidence the people of Anambra have placed in the security agencies, stating that businesses were fully operational on Friday. He added that this trust was reinforced by the intensified patrols conducted by the police and other security forces in anticipation of any potential security challenges. “I can confirm that major markets in Anambra, as well as Nnewi and its environs, are functioning smoothly today, July 7,” Ikenga reported.

Ikenga condemned the perpetrators’ attempts to instill fear in the populace, assuring them that such efforts would continue to fail. He encouraged the public to promptly report any security concerns they may have by contacting the Police Command Control Room at 07039194332 or reaching out to the Public Relations Officer at 08039334002. In addition, he recommended that residents download “The npf” App, available on Android and Apple IOS, for efficient and swift security responses.

As the Anambra State Police Command takes a firm stance against the spread of fake news, the aim is to safeguard public safety, promote a conducive business environment, and maintain peace and stability within the state.

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